SharePoint Online Quick Assist

โดย Microsoft Corporation

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This app offers an easy way for site admins to self-diagnose and fix some common SPO issues.

The SharePoint Online Quick Assist appears as an SPFX webpart inside a SharePoint Online page in the browser. With the tool, admins can

1. Filter, restore, export items from recycle bin in bulk

2. Compare user profile photo from AAD with that in SPO user profile

The tool can also offer diagnosis and remedy steps regarding -

1. Permission related errors, i.e., "Access Denied" or "404 file not found" error when accessing shared links

2. A specific document or site does not appear in the search results

3."Job Title" of users are not consistent in AAD, SPO user profile and site user info list

4. User Info List sync

5. OneDrive sync button cannot be found

6. Libraries synced as read only

7. New/Display/Edit forms missing

8. Uneditable classic wiki page

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