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Omni-channel feedback with SurveyKiosk, Smiley Buttons, Email & Web Surveys

Capture feedback quickly and easily with our smiley surveys, via your iPad or iPhone, making it perfect for use in shops, airports, hospitals, offices, expos and more.

Manage your whole Customer Experience using Surveyapp platform – and find out how customers are interacting with you at every touch point. Wherever your customers are, get feedback on their experiences in the moments that matter – in person, online, by email – and ensure that every voice is heard.

 By capturing reactions in real time, you can build a holistic perspective of how customers are feeling towards your service, and take proactive actions to fix problems before they impact your bottom line.

Track the entire Customer Experience journey with detailed analytics and predictive intelligence that let you understand trends, identify patterns, and focus attention on customer retention and loyalty. 

Spot the key drivers that are making your customers happy or not, and then share those reports and insights with team members via the Surveyapp analytics suite.

When service levels drop, Surveyapp’s case management software makes sure alerts are sent to the right team member for the job. By acting quickly, you can turn around customer satisfaction, retain loyalty, and grow spend.

Get all your teams working as one to improve the customer experience. Surveyapp is now available in Microsoft Teams making it easy to receive and respond to alerts, assign tasks, and track progress – ensuring that the customer remains your centre of attention.

In order to use this app, users must have an active Surveyapp account. You can sign up for a Surveyapp account at or within the Teams Personal Tab upon app install.


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