CloudLex for Excel

โดย Cloudlex, Inc.

Create,edit and upload documents to CloudLex within Excel while accessing important case information

Keep your practice in line when you are offline.

Create, upload, retrieve, and manage Microsoft Excel documents, online or offline, with ease, in CloudLex.

Developed specifically for personal injury law firms, the CloudLex for Excel Add-on saves you time on everyday legal document management tasks so that you can spend more time moving cases forward. Active CloudLex users can use this add-in to:

Upload documents from their desktop to CloudLex while editing in Microsoft Excel; this saves users significant time compared to manually uploading and downloading documents.

Index urgent CloudLex documents in Microsoft Excel even while offline. Save and tag them to matters for later reference.

Retrieve, draft, and move multiple files to or from your respective matters with a single click.

Name, categorize and tag them for efficient search and matter management.

CloudLex for Excel Add-on helps you in the way your PI law firm produces, organizes, and automates documents to give you a competitive advantage over other law firms.


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