WorkBoard (EU)

โดย Workboard Inc.

Bring strategic priorities into conversations and line of sight every day

WorkBoard’s Enterprise Results Platform and OKR experts help organizations set, measure, and execute Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) faster to achieve their best possible results.

With WorkBoard in Microsoft Teams, everyone has a continuous line of sight to company and team objectives and key results:

  • Bring your OKRs, Heatmap, automated Biz Reviews, and Results Analytics right into your Teams environment for seamless access to the facts you need every day
  • Calibrate on your OKRs on Mondays and Celebrate Your Victories on Fridays! Team leaders are brought what you need to know to start your week and wrap it up, making it refreshingly easy to manage at your best
  • Use chat to get OKR status or bring results facts into the conversation. Ask “How is Mary doing on her OKRs?” or “what are my risks?” to see, update or act on the facts with chat
  • Use Smart Agendas with OKRs, KPIs and topics on agendas then get action items and decisions as takeaways so everyone is on the same page. Minutes go out automatically and the actions from the last meeting are teed up for the next meeting

See how John Nisi, GM and COO of Microsoft’s US Cloud and Enterprise Business, uses WorkBoard in Teams in this 2-minute video.

Please make sure you already have an enterprise account on WorkBoard before you add this app to Teams. This plugin is for use by Workboard customers that access the []


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