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Create AI human videos using PERSO with Microsoft Teams.

PERSO is a service that lets you give AI humans a speech script to follow in scenes of your choice.

You can create AI human videos in just a few minutes with a simple and easy process!

Create engaging videos using various options ranging from the viewing mode to location, language, voice, and style of AI personas, and use the videos for more efficient communication in presentations or chatrooms as well as for video conferencing.

Add the PERSO to your Teams to start creating great videos and sharing them with your team, co-workers, and friends!

-Create, edit, and upload PowerPoint slides

-Choose from various AI human models

-Create secure content through AI filtering

-Access over 500 voices and styles in 149 languages for MS TTS

-Share direct links to the videos you created in Teams

-Download videos as MP4 files

If you need any help using our service, check out the [Get Started](

Follow the [Create AI video guide]( to get more details about the AI Human video.

Please visit [Support&Help]( if you need any further assistance.


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