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Organization Chart by MAQ Software

Organization Chart by MAQ Software enables you to visually display hierarchical information. It enables the clear depiction of relationships and ranks within an organization or any functional area in a structured tree format. Further improve your charts with images to easily identify key personnel and streamline organizational understanding.

Key benefits

  • Image integration: Personalize your chart with images for clearer identification.
  • Customizable appearance: Tailor connector links, colors, and text formatting to fit your style.
  • Adaptive card design: Modify card size, border, and corner radius to your liking.
  • Interactive experience: Navigate through collapsible hierarchies and use cross-filtering for detailed insights.
  • Improved navigation: Zoom, click, and drag functionality for easy chart exploration.
  • Flexible legend customization: Position and format legends to suit your chart's layout.
  • Context menu support: Access additional functionalities with a right-click.

Use cases

  • Admin: Map out departmental structures and hierarchies to improve resource management.
  • Sales: Illustrate sales territories and performance, providing a visual benchmark against targets.
  • IT: Catalog IT assets, including categories, volumes, and performance indicators, for better asset management.
  • Finance: Visualize budget distributions across departments and projects, with color coding to highlight budget adherence.

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