โดย Balkerne

Balkerne enables property owners and insurers minimise losses from natural and manmade events

A real-time risk intelligence platform to map your assets instantly, assess risk with ease and monitor live incidents to make proactive decisions that keep you a step ahead

By leveraging real-time data, the SmartResilience risk prevention software platform helps corporates and insurers understand the value at risk, protect insured assets, reduce losses, minimise the need to claim on insurance. In addition, the platform facilitates the creation of deeper relationships based on awareness, trust and empathy, between the insurer and customers, resulting in enhanced customer loyalty.

Bringing Risk Management to the 21st Century

Risk management has traditionally been seen as an outdated, mundane and tickbox exercise, required for businesses to stay compliant. However, through emerging technology, use of data and AI algorithms, an opportunity has arisen or a real-time risk prevention service to enrich the current insurance offering and provide an extra layer of protection. 

Detect and mitigate emerging risks

Balkerne's SmartResilience platform enables property owners to understand in detail risks to their property, both in the long term and in real time. The platform captures data from over 35 difference sources including core property data, IoT, geospatial modelling, news and social media, recognising factors such as chronology, content context and geo-spatial relevance to build location intelligence and a live risk rating. Pre-emptive, timely and relevant advice built on location-based intelligence is send to property owners to prevent potential losses.  


Commercial property owners
  • Track company assets alongside third party risk data feeds in real-time, giving organisations complete situational awareness from a single source
  • Utilise real-time risk data to prevent losses, minimise disruption and save on business interruption costs.

  • Real-time granular data and intelligence to better understand risk and price accurately
  • Automated advisory to transform customer behaviour, reduce likelihood of a claim and improve loss ratios