Consulting Manager 365


Easy and secure financial document collecting, processing, exchange, and approval

The Consulting Manager 365 was developed for financial and consulting firm to help them increase the efficiency, speed, and security of interaction with clients. It provides the client with state-of-the-art customer relationship tools, automates sensitive financial documents and reports collection, reconciliation, and exchange, and provides archive support and mobile access to the document archive for authorized users. It also includes a line of specialized services, such as a wiki library of common documents, global and local news and events, online report reconciliation, and developing a reconciliation protocol.

Key features:

  • Organizing consultant teams responsible for a particular client. Access to the customer documents is only granted to the members of the corresponding consultant team.
  • Storing all the customer documents in a single account. Access to the account is only provided for authorized customer employees.
  • Online report reconciliation with customers.
  • Uploading and downloading documents by authorized employees using a secure protocol instead of unsecure email and file exchange services.

· Creating both global (for consulting firm employees and all customers) and local (for a particular customer) news and events.

· Creating a personal payment schedule and exporting it into the customer’s calendar.

· Fast access for authorized customer employees to the consulting firm's contacts (chat, email) and vice versa.

  • Using a document retention policy.
  • An advanced notification system that informs the client about:
    • Local (including notifications about dates of payment) and global events.
    • Adding new documents to the system and accounts.
    • Too many documents have been added to the system.
  • Versioning – the system stores a specified number of document copies