WorkSchool 365 CRM & LMS with Transcripts/Receipts WorkSchool 365

Quizzes & Reviews with Shareable Transcripts/Receipts with Stripe + Paypal + Alipay Payments

Your search is over, we solved this problem for you (and for ourselves)!

As an instructor, do you feel like you can’t own and manage your students/customers on e-learning sites such as LinkedIn Learning or Udemy?

As a learner, do you feel like you can’t engage with remunerative money-making exercises which output shareable transcripts and receipts of your progress?

We understand your dissatisfaction, we have been there, done that.

Fortunately, the problem isn’t a technological one, it is a business integration problem.

Microsoft Business Applications (Azure AD, SharePoint Teams, Power Automate) already has existing technology for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Learning Management System (LMS).

But how to integrate those technologies with your LinkedIn Learning or Udemy or Coursera? Or with your Stripe shop e-commerce payment (Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayPal)?

WorkSchool 365 does just that! With such no-code and zero-effort that it is unbelievable nobody else has ever tried that…

Really, what we offer you is support and maintenance of your WorkSchool 365 integration solution, not another bloated computer software written in an obscure programming language.

To recap, the use-case scenarios of WorkSchool 365 include:

SurveyQuiz — Word online documents of large-scale automatically-graded survey/quizzes with shareable transcripts of School by the learners;

EventReview — SharePoint databases/calendars of paid review-tasks for Word documents/events (seminars, conferences, archive papers, journal papers, …) with shareable receipts of Work by the reviewers, whose reviews are appended to the task;

UserGraduation — no-password sign-in/sign-up of users authenticated via Microsoft/Azure or Google or Facebook or Email, and with graduation groups which are free or paid via PayPal or Stripe.

Thousands of users are signing-in our own demo instance of WorkSchool 365 (including our Word add-in and sample computer-math quizzes), come try it out: ;

Or better yet, be an early bird and buy the Subscription in this Microsoft Marketplace, then get the dedicated support 24/7 while we are still available… Now!