WorkSchool 365 is Your Market For Learned Reviews

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Free Open-Source Code Microsoft Teams app for Your Market For Learned Reviews

Authors bid to pay for learned reviews of their event documents (manuscripts, videos, venues, ...) by learning reviewers, with shareable receipts of the published work.

WorkSchool 365 does the integration of education & business technologies! With such no-code and zero-effort that it is unbelievable nobody else has ever tried that…

Microsoft Business Applications (MBA) for user management (Azure AD), documents database (SharePoint), video conferencing (Teams), and event-triggered automation (Power Automate) already has existing education technology for Learning Management System (LMS).

But how to do business integration of those education technologies with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) such as PayPal or Stripe shop e-commerce payments (Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay)?

WorkSchool 365 does just that! With extra features:

  • WorkSchool 365 is Your MBA for the Classroom (with shareable transcripts of the learner’s quizzes/exams).
  • WorkSchool 365 is Your Form for Event registrations (via no-password sign-in/sign-up of unlimited number of users authenticated via Outlook or Google or Facebook or Email).

Try our demo instance at:

WorkSchool 365 is open-source code and auditable for security bugs at:

Really, what we offer you is setup and support of Your Own WorkSchool 365 instance, but you could do it all by yourself completely free. Need help?

Note: Via Microsoft AppSource, click “Get it now” then “Sign up for a free account” and write your email such as but not such as Otherwise, try the low-tech version at