Virtual Concierge

โดย Bravent

A Chatbot Virtual Concierge created to enable guest engagement before, during and after their stay.

The Virtual Concierge has been specifically developed for guest-facing businesses that are looking to give a standout, personalised experience.  It allows guests to engage before, during and after their travel.


Before the stay.

Find information on all the facilities, services and promotions available during your stay. Make your special requests and even do a pre check-in to speed up the process.


During the stay.

Order room service, book restaurants and spa treatments and get personalised promotions delivered via push notifications. Stay in touch with your guests throughout their stay and get real time ratings on the services they use.


After the stay.

Keep guests informed of your latest offers and promotions and keep them coming back.

Anytime, Anywhere.

The mobile phone is the one thing that most guests carry with them no matter where they are. And with it, they will also carry the Virtual Concierge. 


Guests can access information, make in-room purchases or reserve a restaurant or SPA treatment using your own mobile phone. It also works with Voice activated devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest to deliver a truly stand-out service to your guests.