Return to work Solution

โดย Cambay Consulting LLC

Helping Your Employees Get Back to Work Safely

As businesses begin bringing their employees back to physical workspaces, many are facing the challenge of safe reopen of workspaces to assure employees feel safe and can remain healthy in their worksites. Bringing employees back safely and return to full operations while maintaining compliance and minimizing risk exposure is the priority for enterprises.

Cambay’s Return to Work solution allows organizations to monitor their workforce, provides daily health assessment and COVID19 screening for all employees. The solution built using Microsoft Power Automate, and AI helps identify employees’ probability of being exposed to COVID-19.

The solution helps you safeguard your work environment, support employees working remotely or onsite, and build confidence to reopen workspaces safely. The solution is easily customizable, with easy deployment, and built on a secure platform.

Our Return to Work solution includes:

1.  Employee Health Assessment

  • A survey-based solution to determine return to work status.
  • Monitors symptoms virtually to receive authorization to return to work.
  • Employees receive notification real-time informing work authorization.

2.  Employee Contract Tracing

  • Capture the right information with survey-based questions.
  • Trace points of infection transmission across employees, meetings, etc. 
  • Real-time tracking to identify 1st level contact and extended contacts.
  • Integrates with HR systems 

3.   Return to Work Confidently

  • Understand employee nature of work, remote work environment.
  • Support and reassurance required to do the best work.

4.  Employee Pulse Survey

  • Workplace readiness across locations and efficiently manage the safe reopening.
  • Response and shut-down protocols if COVID19 cases arise.
  • Employee health and safety management with self-service tools
  • Monitor occupancy and safety supply availability