Truck Scheduler

Ceteris AG

Enables you to track where your shipments are and it will alert everyone in case of any delays.

Truck Scheduler enables you to track where your shipments are, and even more important: it will alert everyone waiting for your shipment to arrive in case of any delays in advance. As the name indicates it was built for trucks initially, but of course small delivery vans, bicycles or even planes can be tracked also. In order to calculate possible delays, Truck Scheduler makes use of existing solutions that monitor the current traffic situation and calculate the estimated time of arrival on the destination. As soon as the planned time can no longer be met, notifications will start automatically.
Anyone who has time-critical shipments via road transportation will benefit from Truck Scheduler, because nothing is more annoying than waiting for a delivery and not having any information about possible delays. Workers that stand by in order to unload a truck, passengers waiting to board a bus at a pre-defined stop, elderly people waiting for meals on wheels at lunchtime: they plan their days more efficiently if Truck Scheduler notified them about possible changes in the schedule.

In today's heavy road traffic, almost every delivery can be delayed, almost every schedule is susceptible to lateness. Usually those waiting for the shipment are understanding, as soon as they get some information in advance! Truck Scheduler can be built-in into your app or website, or can simply send emails or text messages out, or can even place automatic phone calls.  

This application is available only in German.