MinePortal: A Drill to Mill Connected Platform

โดย DataCloud

Helping teams meet their production goals with real-time orebody analytics.

KNOW THE ROCK and how a mine site’s orebody impacts each stage during production from the drill to the mill. Connecting teams to knowledge of rock properties and how the rock behaved downstream enables them to make data-driven decisions upstream. They can now collaborate intel to increase recovery and reduce unit costs. Analyzing and integrating unprocessed and dispersed datasets across production gives companies a more holistic view of their operations. MinePortal crunches a mine site’s data in the cloud with proprietary geostatistical and machine learning algorithms. This way teams can easily identify geological variability and opportunities to increase throughput with a visual representation. It is remote operable friendly, automates performance reporting, and instantly alerts areas of concern to stakeholders. DataCloud developed a digital twin for a mine site because a continuously updated understanding of production will continuously improve operations.