Edunao Neocampus Moodle-based LMS


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Easily manage your teaching and learning in your organization, end-to-end.

Edunao offers ready-to-use Learning Management Systems Neocampus, based on Moodle, the world leading open source solution!

With Edunao, you get a packaged, secured, hosted and supported version of Moodle. Designed by to the best Moodle team, you are also provided exceptional Moodle Support & Assistance Services.

Top Features

• Content creation and design

• Host any kind of pedagogical asset : document, sound, photo, video, etc.

• 50+ instructional activities

Teaching & Learning Community

• Enjoy Chats, Forums, Wikis, etc. To engage your communities

• Swap teaching and learning roles

• Focus on structure, use community tools, your community will love it

Connect to your existing solutions

• Enjoy Dozens of plug & play connectors to:

- SSO, HR and subscription systems

- Videos, Teams and conf call tools

- Pedagical advanced solutions: Scientific exercisers, Antiplagiarism, proctoring, etc.

• Optimize cloud hosting in Azure

Build success

• Onboard with Edunao or your favorite partner

• Take step by step understanding of your solutions

• Follow your users’ success!

Support: Level 2+ and Level 3 technical support, and various escalation support protocols: Edunao has treated thousands of support issues, in platforms used by millions of users, and manages advanced support and remediation to quickly address most technical issues (M)

Edunao is a customer-satisfaction-driven organisation, to address measurable production issues delegated to Edunao Saas solutions.

Edunao also provides expert-level Assistance services, as expert time available on demand, to address specific functional or technical issues.