Exto Work Management Platform

โดย Gaea Global Technologies Inc.

Process Automation, Integration, Collaboration, Analytics

Work Management Platform
Exto work management is a low-code application platform (LCAP). It is equipped with easy-to-use process automation tools and drag-and-drop features that can be used to add
business logic into an application, instead of having to write extensive lines of code. Exto simplifies and streamlines the entire app rollout process, offering several advantages over
traditional development technologies. Use Exto to build enterprise-grade applications that enable your internal and external teams to better communicate and perform business transactions.
Work smarter, not harder
  • Process Automation
  • Integrations
  • 360 Visibility Across Business Teams
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics
End-to-End Process Automation:
  • Customize forms,
  • Workflows
  • Apply business logic without coding
Form Builder: Drag and drop field types to create custom forms
Role-based Access Control: Manage access to applications and data based on roles and requirement
Mobile Application: User friendly mobile app both on android and iOS
Workflow Engine: Set up rule based business workflows in a snap, send automated messages, trigger actions based on user inputs and configure multi tiered approvals
Alerts and Notifications: Get notifications based on tasks, workflows and important events
Integrations: Integrate anything with anything to suit your unique business needs
  • Unify Third-Party Tools: Connect bi-directionally with external and existing systems and new technologies, to enable greater visibility and collaboration across processes
  • Single Source Of Truth: Ensure consistent, accurate and unified information across all on premise and cloud solutions
  • Easy Integrations: Need zero backend configurations, simply click and configure to integrate
Collaboration: Manage your tasks, documents and projects, all in one place
  • Projects: Divide work by department, location, or sponsor
  • Workspaces: Build teams in the way that best suits your business processes
  • Tasks: Assign and track tasks from meeting minutes or ad-hoc
Documents: Manage from one repository and attach to workflows. Mark up with highlights, stamps, and notes.
Photos: Capture, store, and share photos in a secure cloud archive. Tag, search, and view photos in a chronological order to visualize progress.
Schedule: Manage schedules, progress, and resources. Break down projects into tasks, sub-tasks, task relationships, milestones, and critical paths.
Analytics: Bring all your work together in a high-level overview
Real-Time Dashboards:
  • Connect and automatically sync data from multiple sources
  • Manage risks, take informed decisions and actions based on business KPIs and drill-down functionality
  • Customized dashboards for all teams & roles across the business ecosystem
  • Filter and generate accurate reports in multiple formats
  • Schedule reports to be automatically generated and emailed
360 Visibility:
  • Get 360 visibility across all your data and tools
  • Drive transparency, coordination and accountability across teams & functions
Disruptive Technology Support:
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Project Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Analytics & BI
  • IoT, AI & ML Support
  • Connected Systems
  • Mobility/ Multi-Device