GDi Ensemble Fleet

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GDi Ensemble Fleet – The complete vehicle fleet management solution

GDi Ensemble Fleet is software that gives users the ability to manage and supervise their fleet of mobile assets, such as cars, trucks, machinery, vessels, people or goods. By collecting data from vehicle telemetry in real time it provides not only information about vehicle position, state and other parameters, but also knowledge of driver actions. It provides a means for increased utilization of any fleet, lowering its operational costs while at the same time increasing availability. Centrally managed costs associated with a fleet gives users the ability to optimize and organize those costs to create efficient procurement and maintenance processes.

As a cloud-based solution with wide availability and integration possibilities, it is highly scalable, and provides the best solution for all types and sizes of companies.

Ensemble Fleet – who is it for?

Built for high demand business users who have advanced needs for positioning accuracy as well as comprehensive reporting functions for their entire fleet costs control and optimization. Typical business area include:

Utilities services, Post and courier operators, Logistics and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, Sales companies, Small businesses/individuals, Cities and metropolitan area service providers

 Why use GDi Ensemble Fleet?

 Seeing a single point of truth - Centralized management of company’s fleet, real-time geo-enhanced data. Know where your vehicles are at all times.

Cost reduction - Up to 20% lower cost for fuel and vehicle maintenance

Maximizing fleet productivity - Utilizing company fleet to maximize ROI of vehicles up to 20% improvement

Automate processes - Scheduling and dispatching coordinated seamlessly

Improving quality of service - Integration with IoT sensors and controllers to monitor all aspects of service delivery


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