Airline Connected Aircraft Data-Link with Avionica

โดย GE Aviation

Wireless data transfer that secures Azure data feed, transmitting and receiving digital information

Web-hosted software as a serve (SAAS) application designed to optimize the process used by commercial aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians’ processes for acquiring and analyzing aircraft performance data. Now, under avSYNC 2.0, Avionica has added the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service as part of a new product line.
The JV allows the companies to accelerate edge processing and wireless connectivity to maximize the value of aircraft data. Customers benefit by improving the flow of aircraft flight data and enrich the data at speeds and scale supported by industrial internet technologies. Avionica’s suite of flight data management solutions, which includes Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite connectivity, with GE Aviation’s analytics expertise and digital products to address customer needs in flight analytics, aircraft health management and flight operations. Avionica enables new levels of efficiency across a wide range of flight operations including air transport, general aviation and agriculture. The combined solutions are available with existing certifications for more than 300 models of aircraft including Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, HondaJet, Cessna, as well as Thrush agriculture aircraft