โดย HMS Analytical Software GmbH

The HMS Sas on Azure offer combines the advantages of the SAS Services and the Azure Cloud

Our BYOL Consulting Service is supporting customer who are already in possession of all necessary SAS and Microsoft licenses to operate SAS on Azure. Our goal is to enable the customer to create the best possible operating conditions for the SAS application in the Azure Cloud. Main success criteria are user-friendliness, scalability, performance, integration capability in Azure and data security. We accompany our customers from the requirements analysis to the fully implemented SaaS model. Here we support you with:

  • Requirement Workshops
  • PoC
  • Cost Assumptions
  • SAS & Azure installation and Configuration
  • Integration of SAS with Azure Services and third-party services
  • Evaluation and Implementation of Data Security Concepts
  • Automated Resource Management

HMS also acts as a Managed Service Provider. Here the customer does not need his own Microsoft Cloud licenses. HMS provides a Microsoft Azure Cloud Subscription and the customer brings his own SAS license. The customer consumes a SAS Software as a Service (SaaS) which is fully managed by HMS.
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