Intelligence that enriches mobility: the shared company travel calendar that connects colleagues

This application is available only in English.

hubtobee surfs the entire daily business trips of employees to point out rewarding opportunities for networking, otherwise invisible and left to chance (travelers between them and travelers with sedentary employees).

hubtobee strengthens the human bond in the company & allows to naturally exploit the internal network of the company to save time, energy and to actively contribute to the growth of the collective intelligence, to the blooming of the collaborators as well as to the CO2 reduction & Budget Travel reduction.

hubtobee won the gold medal of the "Quality of life at work" Trophy in France. It creates a space to facilitate the human bond+ the international coworking.

When booking a trip, travelers automatically receive an hubtobee mail to populate, if wished, in one clic, the hubtobee platform with destination and dates from the travel booking. They also see which coworkers will be there at the same time, and they can use links to connect with peers through email and to book meetings through Outlook. They get the info days in advance of the current travel date, as soon as their booking day.

Sedentary employees also automatically receive an hubtobee mail weekly informing them about which coworkers will come soon to their workplace. They can connect with appropriate peers through hubtobee and Corporate links if wished.