Intapp Billstream

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Integrates, automates and accelerates workflows for the prebill/proforma process in PS firms.

Intapp Billstream offers a modern, cloud-based automated proforma invoice solution designed to help professional services firms integrate, automate, and accelerate prebill processes. As part of the work-to-cash solution from Intapp, Intapp Billstream intelligently addresses gaps in firms’ existing billing software and processes, solving billing challenges across the engagement lifecycle to ensure clients receive the bills they expect. And, together with Intapp Time & Intapp Terms for Compliance, Intapp Billstream helps firms connect and modernize work-to-cash cycles like no other solution on the market for law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms. With Intapp Billstream, organizations can simplify prebill/proforma management, gain valuable insight into anticipated billing and improve the experience for your professionals.

Key Capabilities include Building Intelligent Workflows: Increase front- and back-office collaboration while maintaining audit trails and leveraging budget and client insights. Improving Realizations: Minimize leakage and bolster billing pipeline visibility with real-time access to proforma and invoice progress. Accelerating Collections: Improve efficiency and accuracy using streamlined prebill processes to produce timely, accurate proforma invoices. Decrease the burden on professionals and finance team: Offer your professionals an intuitive, collaborative environment that is always-on and provides complete visibility throughout the time & billing process. Client Satisfaction: Deliver bills your clients anticipate on-time and in compliance with their requirements.

Key features that support digitizing and modernizing your prebilling & billing processes include a mobile-friendly interface allowing front-office edits of prebill/proforma fees and costs, dynamic end-to-end workflow from prebill/proforma creation to invoice delivery, powerful edit capabilities, including search, summary, and quick actions, firm-configurable owners, roles, and stages, approval rules for financial write-downs and discounts, advanced capabilities for joint or group bills, automated and validated updates to backend systems, support for paper-based proforma distribution and collection, metrics maintenance and a full audit of all changes, and compatibility with Aderant and Thomson Reuters Elite 3E products.