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Optimize your MS 365 environment and save both time and money by addressing the issues identified

Tenant Optimizer

Tenant Optimizer is designed for users who seek detailed analytics about their tenant’s state. Whether you’re aiming to enhance tenant management efficiency, reduce licensing costs, or boost your company’s effectiveness in digital transformation, this tool provides valuable insights. Leveraging best practices, Microsoft policies, and IT Partner’s extensive market experience, it offers recommendations tailored to your organization. From license optimization to strategic decision-making, the Tenant Optimizer empowers you to navigate the complexities of tenant management with confidence. Read more.

Service description:

Developed by IT Partner, Tenant Optimizer is an application designed specifically for Global Administrators of companies. This robust tool conducts a thorough analysis of your tenant, providing a holistic view of your digital environment.

Key Features:

  • Global Report Generation: Following the analysis, Tenant Optimizer produces a comprehensive global report covering all aspects of the tenant.
  • Detailed Recommendations: Receive tailored reports with actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing tenant efficiency. These are based on adherence to Microsoft policies and guidelines, as well as identifying opportunities for cost optimization on licensing expenses.
  • Tri-Focal Analysis: The application examines three critical areas: Security, Licensing Efficiency, Digital Transformation.
  • Informed decision-making based on identified trends, patterns, and improvement opportunities within your Microsoft 365 deployment.

Tenant Optimizer empowers administrators to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve cost-effective scalability. It’s the strategic partner you need for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

To run your tenant analysis, the system requires permissions to read the tenant’s data (NOTE: permissions can only be granted by users with the Global Admin role). When analysis is completed, you will have access to comprehensive data analysis report.

We guarantee that all calculations are performed within our secure environment, eliminating the risk of data leakage.


Any tenant user with Global Admin role.

Product benefits:

  • Initiate the analysis independently when it’s convenient for you,
  • Set up scheduler for monthly reporting,
  • Download, view and share detailed reports from Tenant Optimizer, including security suggestions, licensing, and digital transformation tips,
  • Share downloaded reports with your colleagues,
  • Analyze user activity, device usage, app usage, and license allocation in detail to find areas for improvement,
  • Enhance security of your tenant,
  • Adjust licenses based on recommendations to save costs and ensure users have necessary tools,
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your Microsoft 365 environment,
  • Schedule a meeting with an authorized IT Partner representative to discuss implementation of proposed solutions.

Get started:

Get started with just these steps:

  1. Follow the link to get the tool's landing page,
  2. Grant required permissions*,
  3. Run tenant analysis process.

*The list of required permissions:

  • Read all audit logs,
  • Read all devices,
  • Read Microsoft Intune apps,
  • Read Intune configs & policies,
  • Read Microsoft Intune devices,
  • Read directory data,
  • Read domains,
  • Read all groups,
  • Read all group memberships,
  • Read all user mailbox settings,
  • Read organization policies,
  • Read conditional access policies,
  • Read consent & permission grant policies,
  • Read all usage reports,
  • Read security events,
  • Read all site collections,
  • Read user profile (signed-in user),
  • Read all user profiles).

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