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Mapwize is the Indoor Mapping platform for the creation of new digital services within buildings.

Mapwize is an innovative indoor mapping and wayfinding platform. Combined with geolocating systems, Mapwize helps to manage indoor maps and to display this information on a mobile App, on kiosks or in Web mode. With the interactive maps, visitors can easily locate specific places or points of interest and find their way around buildings or campuses of buildings. Mapwize can also provide routes adapted to reduced mobility users. Specific targeted information can also be addressed to delivery men, colleagues or visitors directly on the map.

Mapwize also enables people to locate their colleagues or equipment by combining GPS technologies with Wi-Fi, Li-Fi or Bluetooth systems. Any equipment equipped with an asset tracking system can be located with a smartphone.

Mapwize covers all sorts of buildings with adapted services: office buildings, hospitals, university campuses, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, manufactures, events... Its advanced Content Management System allows to manage multiple universes for a same building, which only display content adapted to the user's role (customers, maintenance employees, security agents...)

Advanced Analytics can also be displayed on the map to enable building managers to better understand how their buildings are really used.