โดย Neostore SAS

Customer and loyalty management via mobile wallets (Apple Wallet and Google Pay)

A new acquisition and engagement channel via e-wallets

Neostore’s mission is to empower Retailer’s customers. Neostore Customer is a prebuilt, hosted customer web page optimized that enables retailers to delegate their customer and loyalty enrollment process. Connected in real time to the Retailers IT stack, the application is easy to implement and deliver high value : optimize acquisition costs, address retail compliance (GDPR/CCPA), improve data quality and offer a new engagement channel via the e-wallets (Apple Wallet and Google Pay). Our application is connected in real time to Retail management software like Cegid and CRM applications such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Neostore targets Specialty Retail, DtC brands, premium brands looking to elevate their customers experience in-Store.

Customer Data & Consents | Mobile Wallets | Communications | Identification | Analytics

Neostore benefits

For your consumers:

  • Create a customer / loyalty account in one click,
  • Store loyalty cards, vouchers and click and collect orders in mobile wallet applications (Apple Wallet and GPay),
  • Get immediate benefits & rewards,
  • Easily identify themself at the checkout,
  • Use vouchers and other available benefits,
  • Receive useful information in real time via push notifications (loyalty points / purchase vouchers available / order tracking / e-receipt ...)

For your brand:

  • Capture more customer data from the first online or in-store interaction,
  • Increase your consent completion rate,
  • Comply with regulations on personal data (GDPR, CCPA ...),
  • Use the Wallet as a new marketing engagement medium with a greater reach than email or SMS and a much lower cost,
  • Speed-up by 10 times your registration process using QR code in-store,
  • Free up time for sales associates on higher added value operations,
  • Increase identification rate & customer knowledge,
  • Foster customer experience in-store,
  • Provide sustainable solutions (no more plastic, paper cards)
  • Instant deployment. To facilitate implementation and operation, the solution connects directly to your existing systems (POS, E-commerce, CRM, etc.) while offering great flexibility in customization, without having a new database to maintain,