RESENSE - Integrated Retail Intelligence Platform

โดย Nihilent Inc.

Get actionable insights with intelligent forecasting to automate supply chain planning & management.

RESENSE is a platform to automate and forecast your core business decisions. Now, you can stay ahead of the curve in ever changing consumer environments while meeting your business goals with true impact.

Solution offerings:
  • Supercharges your enterprise to get onto demand-driven businesses while reducing cost-to-business and increasing profitability, impressively.
  • Drives efficiency in supply chain operations that reduces your overall inventory load upto 30%.​
  • Improves overall full-price sales significantly.
  • Provides services that drive automated inferences to stakeholders across functions

RESENSE is driven by AI/ML which enables it to deliver automated idents from stores to the warehouses and from warehouses to the vendors. This leads to more efficient inventory cycles and Days of Holding (DOH). What’s more? All this happens within specified limits along with the ability to manage price elasticity. ​ After all, your enterprise doesn’t only need to run efficiently, it needs to effectively grow as well.

A must for Merchandisers, Demand Planners, Inventory Planners and to automate inventory management at the store and warehouse level.