Customer Lifecycle Manager

โดย Rubikloud Technologies

Customer Lifecycle Manager empowers marketers to harness the power of Machine Learning at scale

Our next generation Customer Data Platform incorporates Artificial Intelligence through a dynamic insight and activation engine to enable smart alerting and cohort tracking.

Here are some of the questions we help retailers to answer:

  • Can you easily and automatically segment your customers into meaningful and actionable groups?
  • Are you currently addressing your customers across their various lifecycle stages?
  • How do you acquire, grow and retain your customers?
  • Do you automatically allocate content and offers to customers on a 1:1 basis?
  • Can you “publish” your actionable customer segments to various execution systems?
  • Can you monitor your customers from one central hub that is aware of all the various execution channels you have?

Our end-to-end customer marketing platform helps customer marketers from ideation, to execution.

Data Centralization:

    A central system that consolidates all first and third-party data at both aggregate and individual levels

Data Unification:

    A unified data model that can connect attributes, identities and behaviours

Insight Engine:

    An intelligent engine that uses both supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence techniques to allow automatic insight discovery


    The ability to “publish” actionable customer groups and integrate them into various execution channels