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Displaying all items of any list.

Generic-List is SharePoint Framework App for SharePoint Online.
This app displays all items of a list also when the list has more items than the list view threshold allows to display in a SharePoint list view.
In this App 'Hyperlink or Picture' fields can be marked under the Webpart Properties as 'Web Link Fields'. These fields must then contain only web site URLs in form https://server/sites/website. In case the user has no rights for this website a message will be displayed in the cell with an email address, where the user can ask for permissions. This email address can be set for each element in the list through a separate text field in the list or for the whole list can be set only one email address through the App webpart properties.
Through webpart properties is possible to set, which fields of the list shall be displayed. All field types can be displayed through this App.
Filtering of all elements is allowed.
Sorting of all elements is allowed, which are in SharePoint lists sortable.
Lookup and Managed Metadata fields are sortable in the App. These fields are not sortable in SharePoint lists.