Submittable CSR & Grants Management Software

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Launch, Measure, and Manage Your Social Impact Programs

Submittable is a Social Impact Platform for nonprofit foundations, corporate foundations, and government agencies. The platform includes Grants Management, Corporate Giving, Employee Giving/Matching, and Employee Volunteerism management software. Customers and solutions include:
  • Foundations: Submittable is a single platform to manage and automate the full lifecycle of your grant programs from launch through distribution of funds and impact reporting.
  • Corporations: Submittable is a single platform to manage and automate Corporate Giving, Community Contests, Scholarships, Employee Volunteerism, and Employee Gifting & Matching.
  • Government Agencies: Billions have been distributed through Submittable to state citizens using Submittable. Key features include the ability to distribute very large relief funds to low-tech citizens with a focus on application experience, customer service, and various levels of fraud prevention designed to balance risk and end-user experience.