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Talview Proview Live Proctoring is a comprehensive platform that combines the power of AI-enabled automated proctoring with active human monitoring and intervention. This all-inclusive solution enables you to deter cheating and administer secure end-to-end exams anytime, anywhere.

Talview's robust proctoring technology that is highly scalable and cost-efficient, along with a thorough proctor empanelment & monitoring process, sets it apart from the competition.

Launch Exams and Authenticate Candidates

Highly-trained proctors will guide test-takers through exam launch, login process, multi-factor identity verification, and 360° environment security check.

Monitor Exam and Intervene in Real-Time

Proctors who have undergone intensive training sessions will monitor test-takers in real-time throughout the test duration, intervene when necessary, send warnings, and make announcements via private chats.

Flag Events and Log Violations

Proctors can watch the live feed in the tile view, check and filter the log list for low, medium, and high flags, validate flags raised by AI, monitor candidate video for other violations with the additional help of high-frequency screenshots, video playback and sound waveform observations and manually log violations when suspicious behavior is observed, and suspend events when necessary.

Generate Robust Report

Reports are available within 24 hours of the session completion, including end-to-end recording with time-stamps, low, mid, and high event logs, and proctor notes.

Boost Security with Advanced Automated Proctoring

Our AI-enabled automated proctoring doubles up security using advanced video and audio analytics. It continually monitors behaviors and raises flags when there is a change of light, suspicious objects, background voice activity, and browser window changes.