Tasks in a Box: Task Collaboration for Teams

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Tasks in a Box enables teams to efficiently collaborate on projects and tasks.

Tasks in a Box is the perfect tool for teams to get results. Work together on your projects, start and share tasks, join team conversations and move things forward. Tasks in a Box is designed to make collaborating on projects a breeze.

"Tasks in a box makes it easier to keep track of what's there to do. With the deadlines set, you can easily prioritize those tasks that needs to be done first and not miss out on anything." -- NBC

Easily Add, Edit & Organize Your Tasks

  • Create, edit, organize and schedule your tasks
  • Use checklists, notes and attach files to add details
  • Get a view on your tasks so you can see what’s relevant
  • View your tasks per user, per priority, due date, etc.

Work Together

  • Invite teammates to work with you on projects and tasks
  • Redistribute work to meet your project’s deadlines

Conversations That Facilitate Collaboration:

  • Ask questions to teammates about your projects and tasks
  • Don’t get flooded with messages. See only messages that are of interest to you

Tasks in a Box integrates with all major business suites:

  • Office 365: access sharepoint tasks from one central location, attach Office files to tasks such that everyone has easy access to relevant documentation
  • Outlook add-in: Never forget to follow up on emails and easily turn emails into tasks