โดย Whoz

Global Talent Deployment Platform to boost your revenue and margins.

Whoz empowers professional services organizations, such as IT services, engineering firms, and consulting companies, to seamlessly manage end-to-end project staffing and efficiently scale the global deployment of teams and talents for various projects. By leveraging the synergistic capabilities of AI-copilot features and skills intelligence technology, Whoz accelerates the skills-first transformation of your organization.

  1. Search and Match: Gain comprehensive visibility on talents, skills, and certifications by cultivating a diverse talent ecosystem that includes both internal team members and external contributors. Utilize cutting-edge AI-skills mapping technology to ensure accurate and up-to-date insights. Streamline staffing requests and expedite the matching process by swiftly connecting the most suitable profiles with relevant business opportunities. Accelerate your response to projects and sales by leveraging the Whoz Intelligent Casting Engine™.
  2. Staff and Deploy: Gain unparalleled control and agility by optimizing staffing decisions in real-time and managing rotations with precision. With deep visibility on availabilities, anticipate assignment endings, shorten the time to staffing between projects, and maximize activity rates like never before. Bid farewell to extended periods of inactivity or overbooking as Whoz seamlessly coordinates and utilizes resources. Tailored to your company's operational structure, harness a collaborative staffing workflow to streamline processes and tap into talents available across various entities for cross-deployment.
  3. Grow and Engage: Empower your organization by sharing internal job openings and assignments directly with talents. Encourage and enable talents to express their interest in opportunities that align perfectly with their skills and aspirations. Identify and bridge gaps between current skill sets and desired opportunities, fostering continuous growth and development within your workforce. Whether your focus is on local initiatives or global upskilling strategies, Whoz supports your goals every step of the way. Additionally, democratize access to opportunities, ensuring that talent from all backgrounds and levels of experience have equal access to career advancement.
  4. Forecast and Plan: Drive efficient decision-making processes by harnessing the power of historical, current, and forecasted data, facilitating informed choices. Utilize tailored, ready-to-use, and customizable dynamic dashboards to gain actionable insights with ease. With dynamic workforce planning capabilities, anticipate future sourcing and training needs, staying one step ahead of evolving demands. Evaluate the quality of data in talent profiles and assignments, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout operations. Track usage analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior within Whoz.