Idea Management in O365

Wide Ideas

Business innovation software empowering employees to share ideas on a global scale.

Digital space for ideas to grow

Wide Ideas uses the collective intelligence of your employees to bring diversity to the innovation process. This can spark different perspectives to key business challenges, resulting in delivering truly innovative solutions.

Wide Ideas innovation software creates the digital space to capture and track the progress of ideas. And through Artificial Intelligence, ideas can be sorted and clustered together to find similarities and patterns. Meanwhile, AI powered analytics enables management to make informed decisions quickly.

  • intranet compatibility
  • AI powered analytics
  • Decision Analysis Tool (DAT)
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration
  • multi-device accessibility

Add innovation to your existing digital workplace

On request we can integrate Wide Ideas cloud innovation software into your existing Microsoft Office 365 digital landscape (e.g. Sharepoint, PowerBi, Planner, Teams, Yammer).

As a result employees can engage in solving business challenges through the business tools that they know and use every day. Therefore, removing the ‘lack of engagement’ barrier often experienced through basic standalone innovation platforms.

Ideation comes with built-in incentives

Employee Engagement
Idea contribution makes employees feel valued and invested in the company’s future. As a result, work quality and productivity increases.

Customer Experience
Front-line workers provide an invaluable customer centric insight to understanding the issues of today and contributing to the solutions of tomorrow.

Digital Transformation
Innovation management practices and tools, facilitate open and collaborative change, thereby supporting the digital transformation process.