Ubicua Xperience – Pressure groups


Centralized control of the status of pressure groups through IoT and Azure devices.

Ubicua Xperience for pressure groups provides extra value for the entire supply chain, allowing historical data to be available, receiving notifications in the event of pressure variations and providing security to the end customer.

Multilanguage platform developed on Azure technology to facilitate access and security of your data.

UBICUA XPERIENCE is an IOT DATA remote management Cloud platform supported on Azure and developed by Zertia that allows companies to monitor assets and business processes, manage resources and predict events in real time.


Park management and maintenance

The maintenance and periodic revision of the equipment implies high resources invested and does not guarantee that at the moment of having a pressure problem, it can be known and reacted immediately (you have to wait for the next revision).

History and trends of use and behavior

If you do not have a complete monitoring of the life of a water pump, you do not have a history of pressure, use, movement, etc ..., with which to develop new functionalities and improvements in new models


  • Leak control
  • Correct pressure control of the pumps
  • Control of the number of starts in main pump and jockey
  • Correct pressure control in the installation
  • Avoid main pump and jockey breakdowns
  • Main pump stop action alert
  • Real-time control of your facilities with notifications
  • Pressure history

This application is available in Spanish.