Ubicua Xperience – Property protection


Monitor access to your properties with Azure and receive intrusion alerts.

Real-time intrusion detection service that allows to protect any property against theft and occupation.

Multi language platform developed on Azure technology to improve security of your data.

UBICUA XPERIENCE is an IOT DATA remote management Cloud platform supported on Azure and developed by Zertia that allows companies to monitor assets and business processes, manage resources and predict events in real time.

Use cases:

  • Entities that own vacant housing stock
  • Security companies
  • Real estate and rental companies


IoT devices:

A long-lasting device, capable of detecting the opening, adheres to the inside of the entry points of the home and / or inside it.


When the opening is detected, an alert is sent through theZertia communication network (secured against inhibitors), independent of Wi-Fi networks and with very low consumption.

IoT platform:

A simple interface allows you to monitor the total installed fleet and configure alerts in case of detection

See all the start-up and managed service features in the documentation associated with this offer. 

This application is available in Spanish.