Ubicua Xperience – Internal logistics


Monitor your raw materials, operators and manufactured products with IoT and Azure

UBICUA XPERIENCE's internal logistics solution allows the activity of a plant to be monitored in real time to optimize processes, manage resources and predict events.

Multi language platform developed on Azure technology to facilitate access and security of your data.

UBICUAXPERIENCE is an IOT DATA remote management Cloud platform supported on Azure and developed by Zertia that allows companies to monitor assets and business processes, manage resources and predict events in real time.

Solution benefits:

Know the situation, status and movements of your logistics trucks.

Automate an urgent PT, WP and MP collection request system for manufacturing operators.

Control how long your loading docks are occupied and launch alarms when the default levels are exceeded.

Guarantee your customers complete traceability: situation, shocks, opening / closing, etc.

Provide a dashboard and history to analyze the logistics movements in the processes of reception, storage, machine procurement, picking and shipping.

Perform simulations and predictions of the behavior of logistics movements, thus optimizing the necessary resources and future logistics costs.

What can we measure?

Where a vehicle or material is located.

How long you are in a given area.

How much stock there is in an area.

When it moves.How long it stands.

When you arrive at your destination.

Traceability over a period of time.

And much more... 

This application is available in Spanish.