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Advanced analytics platform designed to Manage, Ingest, Classify, Resolve & Consume Big Data

ZettaSense automates Data Integration and Cleaning.  Our software scans data from multiple data sources, identifies data duplication and uses machine learning to clean and remediate data, with no programming required

  • The successful companies of the future will be the ones to harness their data for competitive advantage
  • However, most enterprises today still have immature practices for managing their data at scale…
    1. Valuable information spread out across hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, databases, etc.
    2. Don’t know where useful data is
    3. Don’t know which data is most valuable to the company 
    4. Data conflicts and doesn’t reconcile; no single versions of “truth”
  • …and current tools are built mostly for developers and IT personnel; in order for data to be treated as a valuable business asset, we need data tools built for business people