Zoho Connect

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Team collaboration software that unifies people and resources in a single platform

With a host of in-built tools and integrations with other apps, Zoho Connect simplifies your team's work and increases productivity. Your team can start discussions, share files, create a knowledge base, build their own app, and do a lot more in less time, with less effort. Here's how you can benefit from using Zoho Connect:

Better communication, faster collaboration.

With a social-network-style feed, realtime chat rooms, and forums, it is easy to start discussions and foster great ideas from within.

Simplify work with workflows.

Create simple-form based applications to help you gather data from your team. With the ability to configure workflows, you can automate everyday tasks, so your team can spend more time where it's needed.

Keep teamwork on track.

Use boards to translate your plans into action. Add team members to your board, assign tasks, set priority levels, trigger reminders, and more. Be it the finer details, or the whole picture, the Kanban view helps you keep track of it all.

Information right where you need it.

Bring all the documents your team needs to one place by uploading them to the Files app in Connect, so your team can access them any time they need to. Best practices guides, policies, employee handbooks—they can all be easily documented and organized using Manuals, making information easily accessible.

With the Office 365 integration you can:

Bring your team together by adding all the members in your Office 365 to your Zoho Connect network. Maintain an updated schedule by syncing your Office 365 calendar with the Events calendar in a Zoho Connect group. Easily keep track of what needs to be worked on by adding all the tasks in Office 365 to Zoho Connect. Besides the Office 365 integration, Zoho Connect also integrates with Google Calendar, Asana,Trello, Zapier, Mailchimp, and other popular apps.


Zoho Connect is available for free of cost for up to 25 users. It's also offered in Enterprise plan which is a complete package with all the enterprise features and costs $1 per user, starting from 25$ per month. For more details on the pricing, please visit