Debt Management Accelerator-Loans and Garnishments

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Debt Management Accelerator for REITs, Real Estate owners, and financial services firms.

Improve transparency and efficiency of your lending process

Built on industry-leading business application Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Domain 6’s Debt Management Accelerator helps organizations manage internal and external lending processes faster – from loan application all the way up to complete loan repayment. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Dynamics 365, Debt Management Accelerator breaks down data silos created by traditional solutions.

Why Debt Management Accelerator from Domain 6:

• Take advantage of a user-friendly interface, empowering your team to easily capture client’s details – from initial loan application up until loan payoff.

• Simple workflow and process associated with loan origination to loan payoff


• Track debt as a borrower or lender and report fees and taxes properly

• Manage garnishment compliance for your employees and contractors and support on-time payments to reduce risks


• Take advantage of the core Dynamics 365 solution to have a 360-degree view of the loans within your financial statements

• Enhance intercompany lending process and eliminate double entry

Debt Management Accelerator Features:
  • Interest on Loans Management
  • Collateral Loans Creation

  • Loans Prepayment

  • Loans Insurance

  • Visibility into Bad Debts

  • Loan Installments Check Bounces

  • Loan Guarantor Profile

  • Loan Borrower's Credit Check

  • Loans Balance Report

  • Customizable Workflows

  • Loan Process Documents Checklist

Take Advantage of Our Industry Accelerator

We use templatized implementation to get you up and running with our industry accelerators as fast as possible. Get tailored solutions to your unique business needs in less than a week. The concept of an accelerator is to bring 80% of the functionality needed for your industry in an easily deployable package that is maintained by Domain 6. We help you bring a standard and best practice business process to your Dynamics 365 implementation.

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