電子簽核應用程式 (E-signature App)

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Integrates Adobe Sing and Power Apps services, allowing you to sign documents electronically.

Adobe Sign可讓您以電子方式安全又快速的簽署文件,透過與Power Apps結合,將這個服務化成行動版應用程式,即可以隨時隨地輕鬆、安全及快速地完成文件的簽署作業,也可以透過發送信件提醒他人進行簽名,並可透過應用程式統一看到各文件的簽署進度,以利追蹤。


  1.  可於行動裝置畫面利用手指觸控或是觸控筆的方式快速進行線上簽核
  2.  統一追蹤各文件簽署進度
  3.  可透過發送信件的方式提醒對方簽署
  4.  具法律效力的簽署:Adobe Sign符合或已超越嚴格的安全性和法律合規性標準
  5.  省去紙本合約,可直接於APP查看合約內容

Adobe Sign allows you to sign documents securely and quickly electronically. By combining with Power Apps, this service is turned into a mobile version of the application, which can easily, securely and quickly sign documents anytime. Besides, users can use this app to send the letter reminds others to sign, and the signing progress of each document can be uniformly seen through the application for tracking.

Advantages of this application:

  1.  Quickly sign online with finger touch or stylus on mobile device screen
  2.  Track the progress of signing all documents
  3.  Remind the other to sign by sending a letter
  4.  Legally effective signature: Adobe Sign meets strict security and legal compliance standards
  5.  Save paper waste, you can view the contract content directly in the APP

"This application is available in Chinese."

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