ShareControl Board

yayıncı: Share Control

The complete solution for the company's board work and documentation.

The ShareControl Board intends to make the board's work more efficient. The solution is added to your existing SharePoint environment, where you get a secure, structured and efficient workplace for the board, with a good overview of meetings, case documents and relevant information for the board members. The solution can be used by companies of all sizes.

ShareControl Board gives you:

  • Good overview of upcoming and completed board meetings, with associated case documents.
  • Board calendar for upcoming and completed board meetings.
  • Documents are easily accessible and searchable through structured storage of files and metadata.
  • Link internal guidelines such as Board of Directors, Board instructions, etc.
  • Easy assignment and processing tasks.
  • Document version log that allows you to retrieve older versions.
  • Write protection of final documentation.
  • Sign documents with the system's integration with Adobe Sign and DocuSign.
  • Easy file search via Microsoft 365 search engine and Delve.
  • Secure synchronization of documents via OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.
  • Use iPad use with options to mark and write on documents.
  • Word Online also allows you to easily translate documents into other languages.

It's recommended that users use Internet Explorer 11 or later, when installing the SharePoint Add-in to a site. Internet Explorer 9 is not fully supported and cannot be used during the first-time setup. All Internet Explorer users should upgrade their browser to version 11 or later for a better experience. Edge is recommended and is included in Windows 10 and later.

This SharePoint Add-in is a "Free Trial" and lasts for 15 days. You'll receive an e-mail half way through with additional information regarding purchase and how to get in contact for purchasing a license.

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