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Share and request sensitive and personal data with encryption, consent and authentication.

ShareSimple makes it easy to share and receive personal and sensitive data quickly, while still complying with global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA.

ShareSimple is as easy to install and roll out as an add-in on your phone, get up and running in a few minutes.

Try the first 14 days for free. No credit card required 👍


Share data with anyone, at any email ⁠— with no certificates required.

· Consent is obtained automatically

· Email ID verification by default (optional +SMS two-factor verification)

· Deploy ShareSimple for your whole organization in minutes from the Office365 Admin Center

· Add a TrustedLink (optional), a smart upload point with a unique URL that can be placed anywhere ⁠— in an email signature, on a webpage for job applicants to share resumes securely, etc.

How to use:

· Start a new message

· Open ShareSimple in the message menu

· Choose Share or Request

· Drag and drop files

· Finish and send your message


ShareSimple uses TLS 1.2- and 2048-bit encryption for data in transit and rest to protect both you and your recipient’s sensitive data and privacy. Shared data is auto deleted after the retention period set by your admin. ShareSimple automatically scans all files to protect all parties against viruses.


Add your company logo; it will be displayed when people share data so they can be sure they are in the right place. View audit logs. Manage user access, create shared folders and much more.

Eklenti özellikleri

Bu eklenti, kullanıldığında şunları yapabilir:
  • İnternet üzerinden veri gönderebilir
  • Bu eklenti, posta kutunuzdaki tüm öğelerin içeriğini okuyabilir veya değiştirebilir ve yeni öğeler oluşturabilir. Eklenti, iletilerde veya takvim öğelerinde gövde, konu, gönderen, alıcılar, ekler gibi bilgilere erişebilir. Eklenti, bu verileri bir üçüncü taraf hizmetine gönderebilir.

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