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ASC Recording Insights

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Get the most out of voice or video recordings

Upload your voice or video recordings on meetings, online calls or even recordings from an on-premise installation, to have them analyzed and available in your Microsoft Teams environment.

As center of the Application there is the Recording Overview where you have the uploaded contents available in a timeline. This enables you to make your content easy to find. List view and filter functionalities simplify an efficient search. Further the Video or Voice file can be replayed in the displayed timeline already.

Next to the Recording Tab you can find the Dashboard. Within the Dashboard Report Widgets can be created. A Dashboard can display for example for the total number of conversations. Further the number of conversations containing a certain defined keyword could be displayed as well.

The Upload tab allows uploading video and conversation files up to 45 minutes in length. Uploaded Content will be displayed in the Recording tab.

For each uploaded file there is a Detail View available. Within the Detail View there is further information displayed generated by using the Azure Video Indexer. The integrated use of Azure Cognitive Services (e.g. the Azure Video Indexer) provides you with an automated transcription that enables you to easily search for content within the uploaded communications. Further functionalities like separate presentation of the speakers for orientation help to capture the content in a short time.

For analysis the following languages are supported: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Korean and Portuguese. If the analysis does not automatically detect the language the accuracy of the analysis might not be sufficient, therefore you can perform the analysis again in the Detail View. Below the Language Information, there is a possibility to switch the Transcript Language from “auto” and select the language to be used for the transcription. The new transcription results will be updated and displayed automatically as soon the analysis is finished.

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