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LumApps - Share Teams messages


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Create a LumApps post from a Teams messages in a couple of clicks

LumApps is a social, mobile and smart intranet to connect and engage all your employees.

Our application helps you:

  • leverage all your internal communications in a central hub: corporate news, business applications including Microsoft Office 365 and social collaboration
  • tear down silos with social features and well-organized workspaces
  • enforce your corporate culture in a personalized portal and assists people by providing profiled information at the right time

For existing LumApps customers, you can download and use this Microsoft Teams App. For non-customers, please contact LumApps:

Once done, LumApps is integrated with Microsoft Teams and helps you to educate and promote the usage of Microsoft Teams.

LumApps enables you to showcase Teams channels anywhere in your intranet. You can also increase the visibility of your intranet posts by posting them in Teams. LumApps and Teams ideally complement each other for simplified and streamlined employee experience.

Surface Teams in LumApps

  • LumApps enables you to add business context to Teams real-time conversations, and organize your different types of communications in an efficient and engaging way in your intranet pages.

  • Showcase Teams channels in LumApps on your company homepage or on the employee dashboard.
  • Display a Teams chat directly in LumApps pages and communities.

From LumApps to Teams

  • Start a Teams chat with your colleagues directly from LumApps Employee Profile in the Employee directory.
  • Share a LumApps post in Teams: push your LumApps community posts in the associated Teams channel to increase the visibility of your posts and make sure nobody miss important updates!

LumApps application for Microsoft Teams will help you to boost your productivity by allowing your users to create a LumApps post from a Teams messages in a couple of clicks.

Indeed, some important messages exchanged in Teams deserve to be posted in a LumApps community. Thanks to LumApps application for Teams, you can quickly transform information shared in Teams into a knowledge stored and shared in you LumApps communities.

In order to use the app, a user needs to have an active LumApps account. Please contact LumApps:

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