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Empower users to manage the lifecycle of their Microsoft Teams and Groups

ShareGate's the companion app for end users to collaborate with IT pros, at scale, to create and manage their teams. That way, everyone is equipped to their best work in Microsoft 365.

Reduce your support ticket queue. Say goodbye to guessing games and chasing owners for answers.

Be proactive and delegate the creation and ongoing management of teams to those who create and use them—your users!

With ShareGate, they get to:

• See and manage all their teams, including the ones they own, in a centralized place

• Create new teams from IT approved provisioning templates

• Automatically receive bot notifications once a team is no longer active to archive, delete or keep

• Regularly clean up externally shared links and guests

• Classify teams by purpose and sensitivity with tags you customize

Keeping your tenant organized and secure is everyone’s business!

Note that for our app to function as intended, your organization will need to obtain a license for ShareGate. Learn more here:

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