Erlang Calculator

CCmath B.V.

Erlang C custom functions for contactcenters, including Chat and more!


Try our All-in-one Erlang Calculator with a 1 week free trail!

Calculate your capacity in the most efficient, powerful and versatile tool on the market.

The Erlang Calculator is the only add-in you will need.

Improve accuracy, optimise your workflow and save resources.

This add-in includes custom functions for:

  • Erlang C
  • Erlang X
  • Erlang Chat (premium)
  • Blending (premium)
  • Patience, Redials, Service Level, ASA, Abandonment and Concurrency

Since 2005, CCmath the scientific heart of the contact center community

worldwide. By offering software solutions and consulting the most

challenging contact center setups.

Our vision and products are based on

solid academic foundations, and the well known Workforce Management book

Call Center Optimization, written by our founder Ger Koole, which can be found here.

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