Steady (Status Hero)

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Async Stand-ups, Goals & OKRs, and Unifying Dashboards

Mission Control for Modern Teams

Connect hybrid and remote teams to their work and each other with smart check-ins, live goals & OKRs, and unifying dashboards. Steady (Status Hero) keeps teams and companies aligned and informed, without all the work and time-consuming meetings it normally takes.

How it Works

  1. Create smart check-ins to keep project teams in sync and in the flow. Team members respond to a brief, once-daily check-in request: What did you do? What are you planning on doing? Need any help? This configurable notification is sent over email or via Microsoft Teams bot.
  2. Activity from your project management tools is automatically added to the check-ins.
  3. Everyone gets a report with team-wide check-ins, goals, activities, and requests for help. Later, create custom reports for 1:1s and retros. The report is delivered over email and to the channel of your choice in Microsoft Teams.
  4. Set goals & OKRs to build alignment and share big-picture progress. Steady (Status Hero) collects updates on a regular cadence, giving the entire team deep context alongside an instant read on where things stand.


  • No friction for your team members Enter check-ins and view your team's progress right from within Microsoft Teams.
  • Dozens of integrations Access your account and connect project management applications and developer tools to centralize team activity.
  • Alignment and context for the whole team Use goals, check-ins, and summary reports to track progress, inform planning sessions, one-on-one meetings, and retrospectives.
  • Trusted and proven Thousands of teams from startups to big companies use Steady (Status Hero) every day to track goals, sync up, tackle blockers, inform stakeholders, and cut through all of the noise.
  • Secure Steady (Status Hero) employs enterprise-grade best practices to secure and back up your account information on protected and guarded systems. We work with an independent auditor to maintain SOC 2 Type II compliance.

Free trial, then pay-as-you-go

A account is required to use it with Microsoft Teams. There's a free, full-featured trial so you can try it with your team. Get started today:

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