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Transform annual planning, boost productivity with a visual circular calendar!

Introducing PlanIt, the visual planning app designed to streamline collaboration and boost productivity for businesses and educational institutions alike. The circular calendar provides an overview of key events with just a glance.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner, offering an unparalleled planning experience that adapts to your organization's unique needs. 🚀

Unlock the potential of visual planning with Planit and empower your team to:

📅 Get an instant overview with a visual display of yearly and monthly activities that facilitates easy tracking and organization of critical tasks and milestones

🔁 Effortlessly set up recurring activities on various time scales – yearly, quarterly, monthly, or weekly – ensuring that your team never misses a beat

⌛ Save valuable time by simplifying the process of building and maintaining strategic activity plans, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters

👥 Seamlessly create Teams meetings in the group calendar and tasks directly in Planner, fostering better coordination, preparation and collaboration

📲 Enjoy a mobile-friendly design that enables planning on-the-go, keeping your team connected and informed, no matter where they are

With Planit, your team benefits from an array of features designed to optimize the planning process:

💼 Customizable categories, complete with color options, for easy organization and at-a-glance identification of tasks and events

🔗 Seamless integration with Microsoft Planner, Teams, and Outlook, ensuring a unified and cohesive planning experience across platforms

🛡️ Secure data storage within your Microsoft 365 environment (tenant), providing peace of mind while keeping your data safe and accessible

Planit also offers powerful features tailored for educational institutions, providing the perfect solution for schools seeking an adaptable and user-friendly planning tool:

🎓 Flexible school-year view, allowing you to choose the starting month for a continuous display of the academic year, ideal for tracking events and deadlines

🏫 Customizable categories and filtering options, perfect for staff planning, class activity calendars, or managing events for specific grade levels

Embrace a smarter, more efficient planning experience that strengthens collaboration, fosters proactive planning, and improves overall productivity across your organization. Equip your team with the tools they need to succeed, and watch as the power of visual planning transforms the way they approach tasks, events, and deadlines.

From small businesses to large corporations, and from kindergarten classrooms to university lecture halls, Planit offers a versatile and dynamic solution for teams of all sizes and industries. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it an indispensable addition to your planning toolkit, helping your team stay organized, focused, and prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Transform how you plan - try PlanIt free today! ✨

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