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Turn a traditional slide into an interactive slide.

iSlides* is a technology that modifies presenter-audience interaction during presentations. It goes from a dynamic presenter and a passive audience to a participative audience by design. It allows more and better interactions. Some consequences are improved content retention by learners and better decision-making in meetings.

Try iSlides now for free!

To use iSlides you only need to register with your email address. Once logged in, you will be able to:

- select an interactive slide,

- configure it for your presentation,

- edit it during your presentation and

- allow your audience to participate using iSlidesMobile**.

The interactive slide content will be part of your file. You will not need to access an external portal to create, copy or share your iSlides, simply copy or share the file containing the inserted iSlides.

The interactive slides currently available are:

- Brainstorming.

- Sticky notes.

- Survey.

- Multiple choice survey.

- Multiple choice.

If you run a presentation containing iSlides and prefer not to register, you will be able to view the interactive slide and its contents, but you will not be able to edit it or activate participation.

The iSlides development team has many ideas for the future, such as including new interactive slides, diagrams, activities and complementary features. We will inform you in a timely manner when these updates occur, especially if they require a subscription for their use.

Do you also have ideas or comments to improve iSlides? Please send them to the iSlides team using the contact form on the website

* iSlides: U.S. Patent US 10,019,424

** iSlidesMobile: U.S. Patent US 11,657,213

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