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Send and receive any file type, with no size limit, directly from Outlook.

Send and receive any file type, with no size limit, directly from Outlook.

With Smash for Outlook, you can say goodbye to attachment size limits in Outlook and avoid overloading your inbox and those of your recipients. And to top it all off, you can send files that enhance your company's image.

Why use Smash for Outlook?

  • Send and receive any file type, with no size limit.

  • Stay informed about downloads.

  • Help reduce your company's carbon footprint.

  • Enhance your company's image.

How does Smash for Outlook work?

  • From the "New message" tab in Outlook, choose the « sending » or « receiving » mode.

  • To send files, select or drag and drop the files or folders of your choice, regardless of their size or type.

  • Once you've selected the files, it's up to you! You can configure some parameters: link name, availability period, password protection, download notification, preview of files before downloading, etc.

  • Click "OK" to complete the configuration and "Next". The files will start loading... Take this opportunity to write your email. 😉

  • As soon as the upload is complete, a link is generated from the files. Click on the "attach to email" button to make it appear in the body of your email!

  • To receive files, select the « receiving mode » and click on the central button. A secure file drop link will be created immediately. Click on the « attach to email » button to make it appear in the body of your email. Your contacts will send you files through this link and you'll be notified by email.

That’s it, all you have to do is send your e-mail!


  • Smash for Outlook works with most versions of Outlook that allow add-ins for Office: Outlook Web App, Office365 or Office 2016 for Windows and Mac.

  • You must have a Smash account to use this add-in.

  • If you do not already have a Smash account, discover all our plans at

Additional information:

Smash is a fast, secure and responsible service for sending and receiving large files. Smash makes file transfer accessible and simple for everyone. Millions of people and businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises, use Smash's website, Outlook add-in, apps and APIs to send and receive large files (images, videos, audio, documents). 

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