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Free IFC viewer integrated with SharePoint for seamless BIM collaboration

Flinker IFC Viewer is a free IFC viewer seamlessly integrated with SharePoint, designed specifically for construction and building management professionals. With Flinker IFC Viewer, you can view, analyze, and share IFC models directly in your SharePoint environment. It enables efficient collaboration between architects, engineers, and owners through centralized BIM data management and easily accessible 3D models. Flinker IFC Viewer supports compliance with BIM standards and provides improved communication and documentation for construction projects.

Here's how to use the IFC Viewer in both SharePoint and Teams:

List View Mode:

- After installing Flinker IFC Viewer, navigate to a SharePoint document library containing .ifc files.

- Select the .ifc file(s) you want to view.

- Click on the "View" command available in the list view. This action opens the selected IFC model(s) directly in the list view, allowing for immediate interaction and analysis.

Webpart Mode:

- The Webpart mode is designed for a more integrated viewing experience within SharePoint pages.

- You can add the Flinker IFC Viewer Webpart to any SharePoint page.

- Once added, the Webpart allows users to view and interact with IFC models as part of the SharePoint page content, enhancing the user experience and providing a more interactive way to work with 3D models.

Teams Tab Mode:

- Flinker IFC Viewer can be added as a tab within a Microsoft Teams channel.

- To add it, go to the desired Teams channel, click on the '+' icon to add a tab, and select Flinker IFC Viewer from the available options.

Our add-in utilizes the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) technology, and the solution is hosted directly on your SharePoint Online tenant, which is part of Microsoft 365. There is no transfer of files to external servers or third parties. This ensures that our solution strictly adheres to Microsoft's robust data security standards and authentication protocols, offering maximum data privacy and security for your organization. It can be implemented in a single SharePoint site without affecting or interfering with other sites.

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