EasyMeet 365 for Outlook

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Effortlessly schedule meetings, create polls, and streamline connecting with busy colleagues.

Introducing EasyMeet 365 for Outlook – your essential companion that seamlessly integrates meeting polls directly into the Outlook platform. With EasyMeet 365, the hassle of scheduling meetings is a thing of the past. Effortlessly create meeting polls and schedule appointments with your colleagues, eliminating the need for time-consuming back-and-forth emails or endless phone calls to coordinate schedules. Let EasyMeet 365 take the lead in finding the optimal meeting time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – productive collaboration.

EasyMeet 365 stands out as a robust meeting poll tool, streamlining the entire scheduling process. Bid farewell to the manual chore of checking everyone's availability; EasyMeet 365 provides a quick and intuitive way to identify when your colleagues are free, enabling you to choose a time that suits everyone. Once the ideal time is pinpointed, EasyMeet 365 takes care of blocking your calendar for the selected time slots, ensuring undivided attention during the scheduled meeting. This tool empowers you to concentrate on the substance of the meeting without distractions.

Schedule meetings, create polls, and effortlessly connect with busy colleagues using the user-friendly interface and powerful features of EasyMeet 365. Designed for busy professionals, this tool facilitates swift and efficient meeting scheduling. Take charge of your calendar with EasyMeet 365 – the perfect solution for professionals seeking streamlined scheduling. Give it a try today!

It's important to note that EasyMeet 365 for Outlook is exclusively available to enterprise users with a valid Microsoft 365 License and the latest version of Outlook. For organizations with fewer than 50 employees, EasyMeet 365 is offered free of charge. Learn more at

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